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Top 5 Birthday Party Places for Teenagers in Calgary

It is not easy to impress teenagers, as they are very picky about choosing the right birthday party places to celebrate their birthdays with their BFF. Planning their birthdays is tricky as parents might have lost touch with their preferences and interests. A very well-planned birthday party will never be out of place, but we have to know what their interests are.
Are you on the lookout for some unique birthday party places to celebrate your teenager’s birthday? Then go ahead and read through this article to find some amazing birthday party places in Calgary.

1. Level 1 Escape Room


Level 1 Escape Room

An escape room is an immersive real-life adventure game that most teenagers love. Always follow the instructions provided by the staff. You will start the game by searching the room for clues and working with your teammates. You can move on by solving puzzles, revealing the clues, and cracking codes. The game lasts for a minimum of 60 minutes. The time varies depending on the theme you select, and try to choose the theme wisely as per your preference.

Level 1 Escape offers seven themes based on the thrill level you need. Each has puzzles, riddles, and physical challenges unique to its storyline. All you need is to gather a team of 6 to 8 players depending on the theme and plan your escape! Level 1 escape room will provide one of the fun birthday party ideas for your teenager as it needs equal participation of every teammate. Always go with the unlimited clue option if available.

2. Altitude Flight Simulation Center

Altitude Flight Simulation Center

The flight simulator is any device capable of recreating the environment in which an airplane flies and the cockpit where the pilot will be seated. Flight simulators are used for pilot training, aircraft design as well as for enjoyment for flight enthusiasts who want to experience flying an aircraft. It is an upcoming gaming trend among people who consider flying a passion and excitement.

Altitude Flight Simulation Center is Calgary’s premier flight simulation center. They assure the guests a whole new life experience with their ultimate simulators, including Boeing-737, F-18 super hornet, and Spitfire VR. The party packages include a minimum of 2-hour simulator usage.
If you’re looking for a birthday venue for hosting a birthday party, look no longer! A 3200 sq. ft, open space, lots of screens and simulators will surely satisfy your needs. At Altitude Flight Simulation Centre, the open sky awaits! You can view more details:

3. Raw Canvas

Raw Canvas

Unpretentious, laid-back art social events with a twist! For those interested in art, there is no need to think twice. Raw Canvas is the perfect spot for them.
The entire venue will be reserved for 3 hours just for you. This package includes 60-90 minutes of painting with instructions from a dedicated artist. All art supplies will be provided (canvas, acrylic paints, brushes, aprons). Each guest gets a canvas of size 11″ x 14″ or 16″ x 20″. Each guest can take their artwork home with them. On-site party room available for your group to eat and relax.
Relax, paint, share some beverages and snacks with friends while creating art. Raw Canvas helps to bring out the artist in you. It’s going to be a colorful birthday party indeed!

4. Vmersion Virtual Reality Center

Vmersion Virtual Reality Center

Virtual reality has taken the gaming experience to a whole new level. Especially to teens, the immersive game experiences are thrilling. You can host a fabulous, exciting birthday party for your son/daughter and their friends to make it more memorable. If your teenager is an excellent fan of virtual reality games, I would recommend nothing but Vmersion Virtual Reality Center in Calgary.

Their VR booths provide their guests with a fully-wireless VR experience to access various games, experiences, and adventures. They also offer several multi-player experiences allowing you the ability to play and share experiences with your friends in real-time.

Haptic VR will take you to a different level of VR experience where they will provide the Haptic suit so that you can feel every punch, explosion, and bullet in the game. All without damage to your body!

Full Motion Racing helps you experience every bump, twist, turn, slide, and crash at different levels, creating the ultimate racing experience.

One of the perfect birthday party places for a teenager’s birthday!

5. Zero Latency Ontilt VR center

Zero Latency Ontilt VR center

If you are looking for a very innovative free roam VR gaming experience for your teenager, Zero Latency On tilt VR center is a top-notch choice. The gamer is allowed to walk around in a room the size of a tennis court. There will not be any movement restrictions, no wires or cords, or headsets to discomfort you.
Zero Latency VR center is a perfect play center for a group of 2 to 8 players as it is not a solo mission for you to complete. They take you to a world where your body is the controller, and your mind believes it is accurate. Isn’t that sound exhilarating?

Why wait? Choose one of the above five elite birthday party places in Calgary for the next celebration.

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