Simple birthday decoration ideas

Simple Birthday Decoration Ideas

Decorations make a birthday party more fun and exciting. However, to make everything perfect, you end up spending more than you planned on decorations alone. Thankfully, there are easy ways of simple birthday decoration at home or elsewhere. And you can do it yourself, too. So, read on and learn how you can make an adult or kid’s birthday party more beautiful with these six simple DIY birthday decoration ideas.

Balloon Garland

Balloon Garland, simple birthday decoration at home

Birthdays are not complete without balloons. But skip the boring balloon decor and set up a balloon garland that’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor birthday party venues. It’s easy to make if you have a balloon chain, which you can purchase online from Once you blow your balloons, attach them to the balloon chain, and you will have your garland.

Cupcake Liners Garland

Cupcake Liners Garland, simple birthday decoration at home

Who could have thought cupcake liners could make the perfect birthday decoration? You can get colorful cupcake liners at the local grocery store and easily turn them into beautiful garlands.

To do this, put the liners together carefully by passing a string through the middle. Then, alternate the position of the liners to make them stay in shape. Finally, you can hang the resulting garland on the ceiling or the halls for birthday parties and make the venue more festive.

Zigzag Streamers

Zigzag Streamers, simple birthday decoration at home

Streamers are some of the easiest birthday decors to make. And they’re practically free. You only need to have scissors and some colorful paper, which you can find at home. If you don’t have them, your local arts and crafts shop does.

Pom Poms

Pom Poms, simple birthday decoration at home

Pom-poms are the perfect decors for any adult or kids’ birthday party. Plus, they are effortless to make. You will need some tissue paper, a floral wire, and scissors to make this decor. Simply follow the easy tutorial at, complete with images for better guidance, and you will end up with beautiful pom-poms to decorate any party.

Fabric Tassel Garlands

Fabric Tassel Garlands

Paper decors are not recommended for outdoor birthday party venues. So, if you’re planning to celebrate outside, make some fabric tassel garlands as birthday decoration instead.

You can effortlessly make your tassel garland decor with some fabric that you can find at home. It’s a no-sew procedure that produces beautiful birthday decor for hanging outside.

Paper Rosettes

Paper Rosettes

Paper rosettes make a great backdrop. And the best part about these decors is that they’re so easy to make and attach to the wall.

For this, you should have some paper that you can get from the local art shop — the color and design of your paper will depend on your theme. When you have your paper, you can follow the directions from However, you can let everyone help with the folding and make it a bonding activity before the party.

Adult or children’s birthday parties are always more fun when decorations are in place. But you don’t have to spend too much just to make everything “party perfect.”

With the easy ways of simple birthday decoration at home above, you can quickly transform places for birthday celebrations into a birthday wonderland.

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