5 Fun Quarantine Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Party ideas for kids

Many changes happened worldwide during the Covid-19 pandemic.

And if there’s anyone who felt the changes significantly, it’s kids. They even have to celebrate quarantine birthdays now. And having a party without your friends is definitely a bummer.

So, what can you do to make your kid’s birthday party fun and exciting?

Fortunately, it’s not so hard to turn a boring party into something special. With some awesome virtual birthday party ideas for kids, your child can enjoy their special day – even more than their previous birthdays.

So, read on the blog and find inspiration from the following virtual birthday party ideas for kids.

Put Birthday Decorations on your Yard

birthday decoration at home, Party ideas for kids

Home is one of the best birthday party places. And it is where your child will spend their quarantine birthday. So, make it extra special even without any guests on a special day.

You can do this by decorating the yard with birthday decors from craft stores. With streamers and balloons outside, everyone will know about the birthday, and they might even honk while passing by.

This will definitely make the birthday child smile brightly!

Birthday in a Box Surprise

Birthday in a Box Surprise, Party ideas for kids

Your child’s birthday is the best time for a surprise!

Thankfully, you can still surprise them even during a pandemic. There are many birthday box options, which you can order and send over to your house. This kind of surprise will make a quarantine birthday one to remember.

Play a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Play a Virtual Scavenger Hunt

It may be new, but kids will undoubtedly enjoy a virtual scavenger hunt. So, host this game on Zoom and invite your kid’s friends.

It’s relatively easy and is no different from an actual scavenger hunt. So, everyone can quickly learn the mechanics of the game. Simply prepare a list of items that you will tell everyone to find. The first person to bring the item and show it to the online meeting wins a prize. Simple and fun!

Go on a Birthday Camp on your Backyard

Go on a Birthday Camp on your Backyard

Just because there’s a pandemic going on doesn’t mean you can’t bring your child camping on his birthday. You can enjoy and bond together through this activity by making your backyard one of the birthday venues for children’s parties.

Simply put up a tent, light some candles, and roast marshmallows on the grill for an authentic camping experience. You can even lay under the stars and identify constellations.

Let the Birthday Celebrant Take Charge

Let the Birthday Celebrant Take Charge

On your child’s special day, let him take the lead. You don’t have to plan anything but let the birthday kid make all the decisions throughout the day.

If he wants pizza for his birthday, order one. If he wants to play video games, such as the popular Roblox, then let him enjoy and play with him. You can also watch an entertaining online show or a family movie if he wants to.

You might be surprised by what your child asks for.

Kids birthday party is supposed to be exciting and fun. You can complete a party with an entertainer who can make the birthday party even more colorful.

There really is nothing impossible in the online world. And with the above virtual birthday party ideas, your kids virtual birthday party can be just as fun as their previous birthdays.

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