Children's Virtual Birthday Party Ideas 2022

Children’s Virtual Birthday Party Ideas 2022

Planning a child’s party is exciting for parents. One interesting way is to set up your kids birthday party decorations at home. You can still host a fun, exciting, and memorable virtual birthday party for your young ones on their special day.

Simple birthday decorations at home can make the virtual party fun and engaging, here are several virtual birthday party ideas you can consider.

Virtual Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Plan it the right way!
You can find many virtual birthday party ideas for an online celebration. However, if you want to simplify things when planning a kid’s birthday party, you can consider the following tips.

#1. Pick a Theme

Pick a Theme for Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

Is your child obsessed with dinosaurs? You may use it as an inspiration for the upcoming birthday party. It can also be a unicorn party, a Roblox party, or anything your child is currently interested in. Considering their current interest will make it easier for you to pick the best virtual birthday party ideas for your child.

#2: Make a Guest List

You can make fun and professional RSVP invitations through the Canva website. Decide how many kids you plan to invite to the virtual party. Then, it will be easier to choose what to do in a virtual birthday party.
You can also consider making a voice clip or a video invitation by the birthday kid for those on the guests’ list. This creates a more personal connection between the birthday kid and the invitees. Consider using Vimeo app as it is one of the best for making short and cute videos.

#3:Decorate the house

A birthday without balloons and garlands is incomplete for kids. You can buy the party decorations and other paraphernalia online or from any birthday party store a few days before the event date and keep them as a surprise for the birthday kid. Try or for online purchases

Decorate the house

#4: Birthday cake

Birthday cake

Have a family member bake a cake of your kid’s favorite flavor, or you can order cake online from local bakers, avoid supermarket cakes as it’s so common. Visit to order a variety of character cakes for your kids birthday party.

#5:Dressing up the birthday kid

Dressing up the birthday kid for Virtual Birthday Party Ideas
If the birthday kid wishes to dress up in a costume, you buy one of their favorite costumes. Walmart, Party City, ToysRUs have several costumes available in-store and online. It’s money well spent as you can use it for Halloween as well.

#6: Playing a montage during the party

Children appreciate birthday greetings. Make their day extra special by asking the people close to them to send messages and greetings to the celebrant. You can ask their friends, teachers, and relatives to send over a video so the celebrant can feel the love from their favorite people. You can create a montage by compiling the birthday wishes. You can easily edit and create one using the Vivavideo app.
You can buy several small gifts and give away these gifts in a synchronized manner while playing the video. Sounds fun for the kids!

#7: Choose Fun Games

Choose Fun Games for Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

You can host Zoom games to play during your child’s virtual birthday party. You may base it on the number of attendees of your virtual event. A scavenger hunt is one of the best games you can include in a virtual birthday party.
Compile various photos and attach them in a document, then send it to all the confirmed guests at your party. You only need to give all the virtual guests instructions and clues on where to search for them online. To finish finding all the items, the first one must expect a gift from you. Freeze dance is also fun to include in a virtual birthday party.

#8: Have a Fun-Filled Program

Get ideas for children’s parties from the celebrant’s latest hobbies. For example, if the birthday boy or girl loves to sing, you may host an online karaoke party with all their favorite songs. If your child loves to cook, you may have a virtual cooking party by sending the ingredients to your guests’ homes and learning to cook the recipe together. If the birthday celebrant loves drawing or painting, you may also conduct an online art class.
You can even bring a party entertainer for 30 minutes to make the birthday kid more thrilled. Visit to find and book various party entertainers.

#9:Planning the meal

Planning the meal for Virtual Birthday Party Ideas
This idea might sound surprising for many parents. But believe me, kids will be much happier when we give them the full right to plan the meal for the whole day. Be it pizza, burgers, sandwiches, ice cream, or anything they wish to indulge in.

The concluding part

The concluding part of Virtual Birthday Party Ideas
When the Zoom call is over, we can make the birthday kid more energetic by letting them open the gift boxes.

Virtual kids birthday party do not have to be boring. You can make it more exciting for your child and the guests by being creative and thinking of the best ways to entertain everyone.
Your child will appreciate your efforts and have the best party even if you have to do it online.
Let’s celebrate life!

Hope you find the information in this article useful. Please leave your comments below.

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