Top 5 At-Home Kids Birthday Party Ideas in Calgary 2022

Top 5 At-Home Kids Birthday Party Ideas in Calgary 2022

The COVID pandemic has changed how we think and plan our kids birthday party. Considering the ever-evolving social distancing guidelines and restrictions on indoor gatherings, at-home birthday parties are becoming more popular these days.
There are a lot of benefits to having small at-home kids birthday party. You don’t have to have extensive planning beforehand, haul kids and food, and most importantly, Indoor Birthday Party Ideas can be cost-effective and exciting too if done right!
The good news is we have many cool at-home birthday party ideas for kids available in Calgary. In this blog, we focus on the unique and fun birthday party options in Calgary and exclude the obvious ones that everyone knows.

Calgary Reptile Parties

Calgary Reptile Kids Birthday Party

Type: Party Entertainers
Category: Pets & Education
Ideal for: Boys & Girls
Age Group: Ideal for a broad age group, say 1 to 14
Price: Starts at $160
Value for Money: 3/5
Excitement Index: 7/10
Party Size: The package prices mentioned below are for parties of 10 or under, additional charges apply for larger groups, no charges for adults.

The Reptile Parties is always a fun, educational, and affordable form of entertainment for celebrating your kid’s birthday. The reptile parties are structured in a way to appeals to different age groups and sizes. Kids can meet with various cold-blooded reptiles such as friendly bearded dragons, amazing frilled dragons, colorful geckos, incredible snakes of all sizes, and even tarantulas and scorpions, plus an 8-foot Surinam red-tailed boa constrictor.

Reptiles are scheduled based on availability and interest. Parties for children seven and under focus more on basic reptile information while events for older children combine the unique opportunity to see reptiles up close with education, including proper care and husbandry as well as information about conservation.

The Calgary Reptile Parties continue to receive great feedback and reviews from kids and adults alike. The Calgary Reptile Parties was voted as the top for “Best Entertainment For A Children’s Party” in 2011, with “Honorable Mention” in the 2010 and 2012 Parent’s Choice awards, presented by Calgary’s Child Magazine.

The price ranges from $160 to $220 depending on the features available in the package. You have a few packages to choose from!

Charming Tent Parties

Charming Tent Kids Birthday Party

Type: Party Rentals
Category: Sleepover party
Ideal for: Boys & Girls
Age Group: Ideal for pre-teens or teenagers
Price: Starts at $60
Value for Money: 3/5
Excitement Index: 8/10
Party Size: Every Package comes with four tents

Give kids a wonderful and memorable experience by offering them an excellent tent sleepover party. Tent parties sound exciting for kids since they are always fond of sleepovers with their BFF. Sleepovers can be more exciting with pretty decorated teepees with the theme of your choice, making this an outstanding birthday party idea for kids.

Charming Tent Parties in Calgary offer some of the best slumber and sleepover party experiences in town. They deliver tents with a wide range of themes. Their packages include everything you need to bring a sleepover party to life, such as tents, accessories, and everything required for the setup and decoration of these tents. The most interesting fact about them is that they are in charge of the setup and takedown of the tents. They also offer a styling service if you need extra help with the arrangements. They encourage the guests to bring their pillows for hygiene reasons.
Every sleepover package includes four tents with
• 4 Mattress
• 4 Sheets & Ultra Plush Blankets
• 4 Breakfast Trays
• 4 Battery operated Lanterns
• 4 Charming Cushions and Accents
• Decorative Garland
The price ranges from 60$ per tent. If you are booking 4 tents, the price will be $200.

Thrillz On Wheelz

Thrillz On Wheelz

Type: Party on Wheels
Category: Gaming Truck
Ideal for: Boys & Girls
Age Group: Ideal for kids, teens, and adults
Price: Starts at $320
Value for Money: 3/5
Excitement Index: 8/10
Party Size: Up to 20 guests

Video games are always something that kids, pre-teens & teens are passionate about!
Gaming trucks are the most trending at-home party service kids would love. Imagine a truck fully equipped with a hi-tech gaming setup such as professional gaming seats, TV screens, audio, gaming devices, popular games, and everything you need for gaming.

There are many benefits associated with gaming trucks. The most significant one is that it entertains every kid at the party, nobody would feel ignored. Secondly, it gives access to various games kids yearn for. Lastly, it minimizes the after-party cleanup for parents as kids spend more time at the gaming truck than inside the house.

THRILLZ ON WHEELZ mobile game theatre is one such party service available in Calgary that offers the ultimate party entertainment you can bring to your home. Their video game truck provides comfortable stadium seating for up to 26 players. Up to 20 guests can play games simultaneously on five gaming stations. They also offer Virtual Reality Gaming, Online games like Fortnite and Apex Legends, and a trained game coach to run the show. They also provide a special gift for the birthday boy/girl. That sounds interesting!
The price ranges from $320 to $350 for 2 hours depending on the day of the event

A Mist Of A Fairies Touch

A Mist Of A Fairies Touch

Type: Party Services
Category: Mobile spa
Ideal for: Girls and Boys
Age Group: Ideal for kids and teens
Price: Starts at 45$ per guest
Value for Money: 3/5
Excitement Index: 8/10
Party Size: Up to 10 guests

Girls, no matter the age, are much attracted to spa services. So, imagine spa services delivered to your home. It will be so unique, memorable, and rejuvenating experience. Many mobile spa businesses are in town that offers different themed packages based on your choice. They differ from the regular spa as their services are exclusively designed for making your party memorable. The packages are cost-effective too.

Spa parties are ideal celebrations for birthday parties, slumber parties, sweet 13th parties, or a much-needed girl’s night-in.

In Calgary, one among them is ‘A MIST OF A FAIRIES TOUCH’ Mobile Spa for children and teens. They offer a handful of exciting spa packages that gives children a colorful birthday party experience with their dear friends. Every party package comes with a complimentary setup. Parents can sit and relax while their glamor team pampers the guests.

The price ranges from $45 to $65 based on the package you choose.

Bath Bomb Party By Kate From Sweet As Candy

Bath Bomb Kids Birthday Party By Kate From Sweet As Candy

Type: Party Entertainers
Category: Party at home
Ideal for: Girls
Age Group: Ideal for kids and teens
Price: Starts at $40 per guest
Value for Money: 4/5
Excitement Index: 9/10
Party Size: Up to 10 guests

Bath bombs are sheer fun and exciting! Bath bomb party is thrilling, especially for small kids birthdays. A bath bomb party for little ones is a creative and astonishing idea since it’s all about creativity, fizz, fun, and laughter.
There are few bath bomb at-home party services prominent in Calgary. One among them is by Kate from SWEET AS CANDY. Kate is a known bath bomb artisan in the Calgary region, and she is from Ardie. Kate is a great party entertainer and guides each guest to craft their bath bomb according to their color and flavor choice. She offers a wide range of luscious flavors that kids would love. At the end of the event, every guest would leave with approximately 8 to 9 bath bombs they made by themselves, so parents don’t have to worry about gift bags or goody bags for the guest!
The price ranges from $40 per guest.

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