How to Throw an Exciting Quarantine Birthday Party for Adults

How to Throw an Exciting Quarantine Birthday for Adults

Quarantine birthday party activities are the result of the world’s crisis with Covid-19. And while it may feel lonely spending your birthday without guests, it’s still a better option than getting infected.

But it is not just kids today who have to endure boring quarantine birthday party activities. Even adults feel the slump of virtual parties, too.

Thankfully, birthday celebrants do not have to feel blue on their special day. Instead, you can throw them a fantastic birthday party and share the fun with your loved ones virtually.

You do not need entertainers for parties to do it too. By following the ways below in the blog, you can give the best gift of an exciting birthday celebration while in quarantine.

• Choose a Birthday Party Theme

Choose a Birthday Party Theme

Like any birthday, a quarantine birthday party for adults also needs a theme. This makes it exciting and memorable for everyone.

Try having an eighties dance birthday party or a party magic theme. Or you can choose from the sixty-four party ideas at

• Create a Virtual Invitation

Virtual Birthday Party Invitation

Parties are not perfect without an invitation. But for quarantine birthdays, the traditional invites will not do. So instead, create a fun digital invite – something you can easily do on Canva. Make sure you put the time and video meeting platform on the invite so everyone can go online on time.

• Let Virtual Guests Dress Up According to the Theme

Let Virtual Guests Dress Up According to the Birthday Party Theme
It is natural for the birthday person to dress up during the virtual party. But it is even more fun if everyone joins the theme. So, make sure guests show up dressed in the perfect costume or theme outfit. This gives the impression that everyone is in an actual birthday party hall.

• Create a Birthday Video for the Person

Create a Birthday Video for the Person

At one point during the virtual birthday party, you can play a video of the birthday celebrant as a tribute. It is the perfect gift to give!

You can also ask for a video message from each guest and create a video montage.

• Play Virtual Games

Play Virtual Birthday Party Games

Of course, you need some entertainment for birthday parties. And for quarantine birthday, virtual games are the star of the day, along with the birthday girl or boy, of course.

You can play word games or card games on Zoom, or you can play Heads Up, puzzle games, or dumb charades which is absolute fun for a virtual birthday party. You can get some more ideas about what virtual games to play online.

• Send Gifts

Send Gifts

Birthday gifts are a staple during parties. Therefore, gifts should also be present at a quarantine birthday party. It will make the birthday person feel extra special.

You can have birthday treats like cupcakes, chocolates, or even a bottle of wine delivered on the day of the virtual birthday party. Or you can find out what the celebrant likes and send it as a gift. You can even drive over to their home to personally deliver the package.

Many have already adjusted to the new normal. But it takes some time to feel the celebration during a quarantine birthday.

But nothing is impossible with a few impressive virtual birthday party ideas. And the ways above will undoubtedly make any adult excited to celebrate a virtual birthday party.

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